The Shambulance Euro Adventure {part 3 – France}

Bonjour! Apologies for not posting for a month, I’m afraid I have been far too busy country-hopping, lake-spotting, and van-breaking which has prioritised over WiFi-hunting and blog-writing! We’ve been having a great adventure and want to share with you the video from our turbulent yet terrific, muddy but magnificent time in France!



I left you last time in Chinon on the Loire Valley and headed south to the lakes by Bordeaux, and lake-hunted our way across the country to Nice, catching up with old friends along the way, getting stuck in a farmers field and then eventually on to Italy.

Since then in Italy we have had our air con fixed and then broken again, went to an amazing wedding and wandered the streets of Rome and Naples, followed by Gerald leaving us for work as the Shambulance broke down and was towed away. In Croatia (van fixed!) Miyuki had her first dog beer, it rained for days and we hiked the Plitvice lakes. In Slovenia I reversed into a ditch in pitch black and drove through more and more rain and beautiful serene scenery. In Hungary we lost power and the van wouldn’t start just as Gerald flew back out to us, a new battery was bought and off to Budapest we went, where I sit now telling you of our journey.

We have continued to film along the way so keep your eyes peeled for the next installment! Off to Slovakia we go…


2 thoughts on “The Shambulance Euro Adventure {part 3 – France}

  1. Heather Palmer says:

    I know it was up and down for you, but very entertaining for me in my little room in Malawi! I hope your adventures are character building! Good test of stress levels! Love you both! Enjoy! xxx


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