The Shambulance – Euro Adventure (part 2 – The Farm)

Hello, us again! I hope you enjoyed our little taster video in the last post. Lucky you, I’ve got another one for you already!

We drove From London to Chinon as the first leg of our adventure, stopping for 6 days with family and lots of wine. A lot of people ask me what it’s like at ‘The Farm’ so here’s an easy way to show you.

‘The Farm’ is a 14th century converted farmhouse encompassed by one acre of land – many people’s idea of the perfect retreat. The house’s and converted barns reveal medieval features such as solid stone walls and the stone walled garden space is the perfect spot to relax and put your feet up. With an abundance of chateaux, a warm climate and surrounded by vineyards, the city of Chinon is steeped in medieval history and the whole area is rich with culture. Situated in the heart of the Val de Loire area also known as the garden of France, Chinon is famous for some of the best value wines in France, and many delights such as goats’ cheeses and wild mushrooms.

photo chinon

If you have been inspired by our video and want to head out yourself, my brother organises many exciting retreats ranging from zen and yoga to wine tasting and art. Take a look for yourself at the website and keep an eye for new retreats for next summer on facebook.

We are currently in Italy on the 15th day of our adventure and it’s 41 degrees…send help.


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