Designing the interior of our Campervan on Tinkercad

Hey, I want to start by thanking everyone who has started following our page! Less than 4 weeks now until we start our adventure. Until then I want to share with you some of the details of our build. In the last post I explained why we chose an ambulance to convert, and today I wanted to share an awesome little website that helped us with our design and ideas!

So Tinkercad is a free website that makes 3D design really simple for people who have never done it before. It’s a brilliant website for beginners or those who can’t afford the more expensive and detailed versions of CAD.

We got inside the ambulance and measured everything with a tape measure and logged it all down in our design book. Having a little book for notes, designs and receipts has been great so that’s another idea for you if you’re thinking of converting. Get one straight away! Once we had measurements we marked out the basic shape of the vehicle and interior such as wheel arches, doors, windows etc. We also marked where the floor runners are for the seats (I mentioned these in the last post) so we could test out where the seats could go in Tinkercad without having to physically do it in the ambulance every time. This was really useful. You can just see the runners in grey in the 2nd design below.

tinkercad designs

Our first few designs were pretty basic and messy as you can see. In all the designs we had a static bed in the back and this was pretty much the only thing we stuck with! The sliding door is on the front left where we have marked a grey window. In the third design we included a shower and toilet room which made things quite cramped, but we wanted to see what we could fit in. It was possible and you could cut down on storage to have it.

tinkercab final design

We started to get the hang of the software when we came up with the design above. It was almost perfect and we started working on the van with this in mind. We knew some things would change over time but we liked the basic arrangement and the seats and table being where they were. It made a lot more sense and we felt like this was the wisest use of the space we had.

tinkercad detail

Once we were a short way into our build, I came back on to Tinkercad to…have another tinker! We had decided on a bit more detail and I messed around with final ideas for the kitchen area. You will see later on that this is quite similar to what we have now, although we are not quite finished!

So if you’re trying to decide on a layout for your campervan conversion, I highly recommend this site. I also recommend getting a book and drawing and writing everything down so it’s all in one place.

Good luck if you are currently converting, otherwise thanks for reading and following our updates! Next I will be sharing with you how we started on our conversion…Insulation! Boring yet important!


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